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Micro Simulation

These digital tools help engage and asses students with authentic experiences like time management etc.


A digital game that arouses imagination and focusses on business instincts.

Teachers Training

Transformational teaching to re-align teachers mindsets towards essential social emotive skills

Design Sprint

A process of thinking out of the box to solve complex problems through co-creation.


Competitive high impact business simulation games a different levels

I Believe Bootcamp

A flagship program focusing on academics and relationships with parents, teachers and peers.

Power Bytes

A process of learning leadership, team building, personal impact, communication and goal setting and time management.

Digital Marketing (DIY)

To remain relevant in the business ecosystem, Digital Marketing is a broad concept and includes many channels.

Inner-Engineering (Brand U)

This aims to impact the attitude and provide tools to systematically conduct and facilitate a dialogue for transformation.

Inner Circle

An alternate form of energy healing through universal energy.

Coaching and Mentoring

A 1-to-1 interaction which is performance driven.

Public Speaking

Speaking in technicolor such that you are remembered, recalled and referred

Money Bytes

Finance is the language of business. Removing the fear of jargons and understanding the financial implications of all decissions


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