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Insecurity and Uncertainty dominate the student’s mindset in the current world. What to be ready with, How to be multiskilled and how to discover opportunity and use it is the focus of our “Learning by doing” sessions.

Learning technology has changed. The way adults learn hasn’t. 

Studies show we retain less than 20% of what we see or hear alone, around 50% of what we both see and hear – but up to 80% of what we interact with.

Malcolm Knowles, a leading theorist in adult education, said there were four key elements to successful adult education programs. Each of those elements is integral to the Capstone® Seminar simulation:

  • Adults learn best from hands-on, problem-solving activities.
  • Adults must believe the learning will have a personal benefit.
  • Adults have lifetime experiences that should be tapped and built upon.
  • Adults need to apply new knowledge and skills immediately to aid retention.

At the end of the Simulation participants come to acquire a strategic business mind-set and have a holistic perspective of the business. They cease to look at issues from merely their function perspective.

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What Should you Expect

  • Being multiskilled.
  • Good decision making ability
  • Understanding the language of business- FInance
  • Cross-functional alignment
  • Risk analysis
  • Experience in setting and executing tactics and strategy
  • Helps mine the intelligence from financial information,
  • Importance of aligning all business functions towards a clear goal.
  • Demonstrates the financial impact of non- financial decisions.
  • Allows managers to ‘live’ the financials in their own business.
  • Better communication of strategy to co-workers and team members
  • Closer attention to, and understanding of, competitors’ behavior
  • Increased focus and skill in team dynamics
  • The science & Art of  marketing & Sales

The Experience

  1. Foster Self Awareness : Participants are divided into teams that compete with each other. They start with a short self-assessment to rate their perceived skills levels. Self ratings are later compared to their performance in the session.

  2. Measure Knowledge Application : Participants then enter a simulated and experiential environment where they gather information, respond to real-world situations and assess on how effectively they apply key concepts.

  3. Provide Actionable Feedback : Participants keep getting meaningful and objective insights into their skills levels along with developmental tactics to facilitate growth.

  4. Once participants complete the simulation experience, they share and receive a feedback report consisting of their overall score, developmental index, self-awareness score and skill gap analysis.

Tools We Use

We have partnered with some of the world’s leading experts and have created customized solutions that fit every educational institution’s needs.

Micro Simulations

These digital tools help engage and asses students with authentic experiences like time management etc.


A digital game that arouses imagination and focusses on business instincts.

Digital Marketing (DIY)

To remain relevant in the business ecosystem, Digital Marketing is a broad concept and includes many channels.

Design Sprint

A process of thinking out of the box to solve complex problems through co-creation.

Power Bytes

A process of learning leadership, team building, personal impact, communication and goal setting and time management.

Inner Circle

An alternate form of energy healing through universal energy.

Public Speaking

Speaking in technicolor such that you are remembered, recalled and referred

Inner-Engineering (Brand U)

This aims to impact the attitude and provide tools to systematically conduct and facilitate a dialogue for transformation.


Competitive high impact business simulation games a different levels


Employee engagement with embedded learning to enhance capabilities

Coaching and Mentoring

A 1-to-1 interaction which is performance driven.

Money Bytes

Finance is the language of business. Removing the fear of jargons and understanding the financial implications of all decissions

“The capacity to learn is a gift;
The ability to learn is a skill;
The willingness to learn is a choice.”

Brian Herbert

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Training Need Analysis

Talk to us and express your challenge. Design your goal. We construct a flowchart with timeslines.


Customized Proposal

A detailed proposal outlining KRA’s, Budgeting, Sequence or Work Flows and Fine-tuning.



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