Teacher’s Workshop
  • We firmly believe that Teachers play an important role in shaping the belief systems and overall character of the child.

  • We are working with lots of schools in this direction and rapidly making inroads into the field of Teachers’ Training. 

  • In an academic environment where students today are facing more challenges, stress and adversities, it becomes imperative for them to learn essential skills to help them not only to survive but to excel in the 21st century. 

  • In the past, students faced stress from the need to perform well. If they learnt academic content in school well it would almost guarantee excellent grades. 

  • Today’s students not only have to contend with that but also stress from the social environment. According to the recent brain research conducted in the US, it is said that students face more stress from the social environment than from any other sources. In addition, the pervasion of modern technology in our present lifestyle has made a Teacher’s role in the classroom more interesting than before. 

  • Teachers have to compete with the fast pace and exciting world of the internet and console games, which means that traditional 20th century teaching methods can no longer engage 21st century students as well as before.

  • This workshop helps teachers to make the students 21st century ready learners and at the same time help them to realign their mindsets towards learning so that the children can have a better tomorrow.

At the end of the workshop, the teachers will learn: 

  • Principles and Habits of Effective Teachers Using the “Ultimate Success Formula” to consistently move towards goals Power of Beliefs on Performance

  • How to take control of their Emotional States to drive them towards Excellence

  • How to deal with Frustration, Stress and Setbacks Rediscovering their Passion and Re-igniting their Drive

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