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Sudhir Nair has been studying Human Behaviour for over 2 decades now and has been an active facilitator in the field of Performance Management and Learning & Development. With work experience in some premier organizations like India Today, Apollo Hospital and Tata Sky, he is a highly skilled Public Speaker with a passion for training. Being an enthusiastic Learner and with a creative bent of mind, he designs interesting games that not only keeps his delegates engrossed in his workshops but also manages to highlight some typical and some unusual behavioral traits. Being a certified behaviour analyst, his debriefings often trigger uncomfortable yet interesting insights into participant’s behaviours.


He left a lucrative career in the corporate world to focus on understanding ‘Why people do what they do’ & understanding if ‘Human behaviour can be predicted’. His personal challenges in Parenting also forced him to focus on Parenting techniques and relationship Management.


He trained under some of the best Trainers on different aspects of Training and was responsible in helping thousands of young people and adults experience and understand their potential.


Over the past 10 years he has trained people from the age group of 10 to 50 years. He believes that his passion to crack the human behaviour code has been a key motivator in his adventures in training.


A prolific speaker, Sudhir Nair has also trained thousands of working professionals and children in the areas of Leadership, Teamwork, Public Speaking and relationship management. A Post graduate in Human Resource Management from XLRI, he has also Post graduation diplomas in Public Relation, Advertising, Marketing and Sales Management and Human Behavior Analysis.

In his free time he is either writing or actively contributing to the Tabling movement which are the two other passions in his life. He has published a book on short stories called ‘The Scorpion Tales” and his next book is in the concept stage.

He has been an active contributor in the Tabling movement in the area of Human Resources development and has continued to actively contribute as a Mentor in the facet of LAPD for Area 9 for the last Nine years.



What Participants Say about Sudhir Nair


Being a parent I know how easy it is to focus on something one is trying to learn, seeing how your kid gets easily distracted and thereby you get impatient. Close to two decades out of school/college when you are going for a training session, you probably are even less focussed than what you think your kid is in their class are. It takes skill, knowledge and a personality to hold your attention and drive the point into you. I have often been in Mr Sudhir Nair’s training sessions, but have never found myself digressing from the topic of discussion, as he is very good at what he does. He makes it all seem so easy and makes you want to attend the next training session of his as well. I would definitely recommend anyone who has the opportunity to attend his training session.

Sai Madhukar Rathi (9160067722)

Managing Partner, Ebonny Plywood


Mr. Sudhir is one of the most inspirational and dynamic speakers i have come across. His hands on approach to training and the ease with which he builds a rapport with the trainees makes his sessions all the more impactful. Mr. Sudhir has a knack of understanding the real need if the training program and fit his modules to derive that particular learning. The trainings are fluid and always leave the audience with the exact solution they are looking for.

Karan Nagpal (9502831834)

Builder/Textile Merchant/Trainer


Hard work, commitment and passion is what makes Sudhir the trainer he is today. He has gone thru the rough and taken those hard decisions to be what he is today. We both actually met at a Training session about 14 years back and we train young people for the organisation. Training becomes even more meaningful when you inspire someone to do what they’re passionate about. He has been a pure source of inspiration for many people like me. Wish him luck and success always.

Deepak Manu Menda (9949118000)

President, Round Table India (2014-15)


Sudhir Nair probably took us through one of the best professional trainings we have had in years at CALPS.

The four key areas communication, motivation, delegation and evaluation were planned and executed keeping in view of our professional domain – the educational industry.

His eye for minute detailing and personable style ensured that every one of our 100+ teachers had a keen interest in whatever he spoke, making the training lively with lots of participation. Movement from one concept to another seemed naturally connected. A true learning experience for all of us, we thank Mr. Sudhir for the wonderful learning.

Nilesh (9985103030)

Director – CAL Public School, Hyderabad.


Training a group of Employees of a Company is perhaps difficult. But, Training a group of Business Owners (who do not have to give a report of the sessions to their superiors) and  Self  Employed Young Men (who believes that his phone calls are important to be answered even during sessions) is an art to master. Mr. Sudhir Nair has mastered this art and has been training such of us for the last 5-6 years very effectively at Round Table India.

LAPD and HRD is a crucial facet at Round Table India and members taking up Leadership roles undergo professional training.

Mr. Sudhir Nair is one if the Finest Trainer / Facilitator Round Table India has.

Sandeep Choudhari (9849112369)

Chairman – Area 9 (2016-17), Round Table India.


I have worked with Sudhir in Tata Sky and found him to be an engaging personality who put everybody at ease. His high energy disposition and witty one liners kept the training sessions lively. His deep dive into the topics he trained on ensured that knowledge imparted to the participants were robust. He was always well read and trained the audience at their understanding level. He was a mentor to his team member always sharing his experiences and understanding their individual needs to deliver their best. I had a fruitful time professionally and personally working with him on various projects during his tenure with Tata Sky.

Thomas D George, (9886196772)

Manager, Revenue Assurance. Tata Sky Ltd.


Not a dull moment goes by when he takes the floor. Keeps his communication very simple and has the ability to make every participant take active part in his sessions. Very innovative in his ideas and love the examples he gives to emphasize his point. A true motivator and a very skilled trainer.

Kshitij Bafna, (9000132000)

Business Head – Exports, Coventry Coil-o-Matic (Hr) Ltd.


Dear Sudhir,

I on behalf of Area 4 would like to thank you for being the Head Facilitator of Table Executive Training programme held (TEXT) held on Kolkata on 9th & 10th June, 2017. The entire event was conducted in a very professional manner and every module was handled fabulously. The key features of the training programme was very lively in nature. The participants were involved in every module making it very inter active and interesting. I have been part of Area TEXT programme since last 5 years and this year was one of finest.

The participants were so happy that there has been a demand of LAPD programme from you for the entire Area. I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart for helping me in starting the new tabling year on a very positive and high note.

Vivek Dalmia (9331018653)

Chairman Area 4  (2017 – 18), Round Table India


Sudhir is a perceptive facilitator – clear in his Communication and able to hit the Wow factor with the Audience with his special Story-telling style.

He enthrals, entertains and enthuses. At the end – the purpose is clear to the audience and they are raring to begin!

I vouch for his abilities and recommend him strongly as the facilitator for your training program.

Parth Sanghavi. (9393399558)

Director, Sanghavi Engineering Pvt. Ltd.


In 8 years of our acquaintance with Mr Sudhir Nair, We have experienced and learnt many personality transforming skills which has become an inherent part of our lifestyle. He’s a profound trainer with an intelligible attitude. A distinct command over his knowledge helps him during content delivery with clarity.

He’s a Great friend and a simple soul. We are proud to be associated with Mr Sudhir and wish him all the luck in his future endeavours.

Vivek Maheshwari (9391043107)



I really find Sudhir Nair’s training sessions interesting and innovative. They are a valuable source of knowledge for me and I have benefitted to a great extent  in my personal and professional life . I thank him for giving me the opportunity to attend his awesome sessions . It has brought about a positive change in me and I now look at life in a wider perspective . I look forward to attending many  more sessions in the future .

Tadi Sandeep Reddy (9866231234)

Director, S V constructions


Being present in his sessions bring out the best in yourself. He defines who a coach is and does that so without you realizing. He helps you explore your leadership traits as a poet – in a flow, short and passionate!!!

Raj Jangam (9949369093)

CEO, Surge Impact