Do you remember how you reacted the last time someone asked you to address a gathering? 

Did you wish you could evaporate into the crowd? Did you politely refuse? Or worse still did you break into cold sweat with a nauseating feeling in your stomach?

It is quite common for people to respond as in any of the above reactions. In the process it is easy to lose out on an amazing opportunity to

  1. Stand out in a crowd
  2. Close a business deal
  3. Be able to influence others
  4. Increase your self confidence
  5. Build a personal rapport & connection with many
  6. Motivate and energise others
  7. Get others to WANT to listen to you.
  8. Overcome fear

Learning to be a good Public speaker helps whether you are

  1. A student attempting to impress the interview pannel
  2. A fresher aspiring to grow in the corporate set up
  3. A home maker hopeful of making a difference in the community
  4. A Senior Manager looking to motivate & lead groups
  5. A young entrepreneur looking to scale up his business

If you thought Public speaking is tough…..well you are right and wrong.

It is easy if you have the right motivation and the right techniques coupled with enough practice. And that is exactly what we help you with at Sea Ridges at the ‘Speak & Win’ program.

The ‘Speak & Win’ Program is specially designed to empower beginners to lose their inhibitions and start believing in themselves to address a gathering.

The ‘Speak & Win’ program is spread over two weekends, to help get lots of practice. It includes enough techniques to not only stand and speak with confidence but also in structuring that perfect speech. In effect, within just two weekends you are confident enough to stand up ‘Speak & Win’

So what are you waiting for? If you want to hear that applause at the end of your speech Connect with us to know how you can stand confidently and speak to your audience. 

Program Details:

Program Dates: 19th, 20th , 26th & 27th August 2017

Adults: 9 Am to 1.00 Noon

Children (9 to 19 years) : 2.00 Pm to 6 Pm

Call / Text: Sudhir at 9959441516 or Suman at 9849440090 or email: