Parenting Workshop
  • Today’s world is not the same as when we grew up, and neither is parenting. Good intentions and loving our children are no longer enough.

  • Tapping memories and experiences of our childhood years and how our parents related to us does not seem relevant or applicable to the teens of today’s frenetic world. 

  • Extended families are slowly being replaced by Nuclear families and most families have 2 bread winners to keep up with the ever escalating cost of living and our insatiable appetite for consumables. 

  • Juggling with these various myriad tasks with increasing pressure on time, parenting sometimes seems an endless uphill battle with our pre-teen and teenage children. As parents we need creative strategies to help us connect with our children, help unleash the potential within them and help them stay balanced and emotionally strong as they grow to full adulthood. 

  • This parenting workshop helps parents transform the way they communicate with their children and help them learn strategies of how to empower their children to think responsibly and to build within themselves the motivation and drive to succeed in school and in life.

At the end of the workshop parents will learn:

  • Strategies of Highly Effective parents

  • Emotions which drive children

  • How to get cooperation & direct behaviour

  • Techniques of Reframing

  • Empowering Children to Succeed Win-Win Discipline

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