I Believe
  • ‘I Believe’ – An experiential and transformational program designed to impart all round skills to children from age group of 9-19.

  • A transformational training program designed specially to empower children and teens to achieve excellent grades and to develop the mind-set, social and life skills to become highly successful not only in school but in all areas of their life. 

  • The IB curriculum revolves around the holistic development of your children to prepare them for life and focuses on 3 areas of development: 1. Learning Skills, 2. Personal & Life Skills and 3. Communication & Relationship Skills 

  • Learning Skills covers Speed reading, Information gathering & processing, Whole Brain note making techniques, Develop a super memory for facts and figures, Thinking skills and application

Personal & Life Skills covers :

  • Building self esteem & personal motivation, Goal setting and Career Planning, Effective time and Life management, Adapting empowering beliefs and a positive mental attitude, Emotional State Management, Developing the winner’s Mindset

Communication & Relationship Skills covers :

  • Respect & care for others, resolving conflicts and gain agreements, building team spirit, understanding and communicating with their parents, forging partnerships with siblings and parents

  • The above is achieved by taking them out of their ‘comfortable and sometimes ‘negative environment’ and fully immersing them into a new environment that nurtures and challenges them. 

  • During this process, children are put through a series of dynamic talks, hands-on activities and experiential challenges (Indoor and Outdoor) and emotional learning that will inculcate in them the focus, self-confidence, resilience and motivation they need to succeed. 

  • It is a 6 day program and the child has to attend all the 6 days of the program (9 AM to 5 PM) followed by the graduation ceremony on the last day between 3 PM to 5 PM where parents’ attendance is mandatory.

At the end of these 6 days the child would have learnt to

  • Develop greater Focus & Self-Confidence

  • Become Self Motivated and Outcome Oriented

  • Implement techniques to achieve Excellent Grades

  • Become Mature & Responsible

  • Develop A Strong Relationship with Parents & Siblings

  • Develop high Emotional intelligence

  • Recognize Importance of Family and Life Values

  • Strive for Excellence in their Lives

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Isn’t Rs 30000 quite expensive for the ‘I Believe Program’? Is it worth an investment?

‘I Believe’ program is a program for life.

Rs 30000 is NOT for 6 days. Your child can attend this program free for life. We have children who have been coming for this program again each year to get their leadership skills reinforced. Every time they come back they end up learning something new.

What is so unique about the I Believe program?

  1. This is the only program in India which offers attendance, for the participants, free for life. When the participants attend the next time they just need to pay for the food.
  2. The program is so unique that we are ready to return your money in case you don’t see changes in your child

What does Rs 30000 include?

This includes Training for the 6 days from 9 Am to 5 Pm, Manual, Lunch and Two snacks every day for the 6 days and of course Attendance for Life

What is the profile of the trainers?

All the Trainers have been trained in Singapore on NLP – Nuero Linguistic Programming, Some trainers have done their Masters in Therapy from the US and UK and have extensive experience in handling children and adults alike

Can I talk to some of the parents of the previous graduates?

We would be more than happy to give you the contact numbers of the parents of the children who have attended this program. Please feel free to get in touch with them to find out how this program has made a difference in their and their children’s lives.

How can my child withstand such long hours?

These programs are experiential programs which have been designed to ensure that the child is engaged both physically and mentally

What changes can I see in my child once she/he graduates from ‘I Believe’?

The program encompasses these aspects. Academic, Communication and Personal Skills. You will notice a definite change in either or all of these skills

How long will these changes last?

Like Zig Ziglar Said “People often sat that motivation doesn’t last. Well neither does bathing. That’s why we recommend it daily.” Once the children graduate they are given a plan so that they follow a certain routine. We also encourage children to come back and re-attend the program so that these skills get reinforced.

How are the Children grouped?

Children are grouped within their age criteria. Children of 9/10/11 years are one group. 12/13/14 are in a separate group. 14/15/16 in a separate group so on and so forth

How will the children be able to get personal attention?

The children are put on their age group consisting of 6- 8 participants. Each group would be monitored by a coach and an assistant coach

Can I pay this amount in EMIs?

There is no such facility available at this point of time

What kind of food is served?

Considering the age, we serve only vegetarian food

How do I pay this amount?

The amount can be paid in cash or cheque

If you have any further questions other than the above please feel free to call us on +91 98480 41516 or +91 93930 51617 and we would be more than happy to help you

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