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What drives the decision making process in your organization?

Is it individual centric? Or is there a standard science involved in taking decisions?

Do your managers hesitate to take tough decisions? Are they able to explain the rationale behind critical decisions?

Do your managers take an unduly long time in taking decisions?

If your answer to any one of the above questions was a ‘Yes’ or even a ‘Maybe’  then  the Business Acumen Simulation Training is the right tool for your Organization.

Taking the right decisions at the right time not only impact Time and Money. It also impacts the motivational levels of your employees. Help your Managers learn the art and science of taking decisions without any Risks

Here is what people who attended the program have to say:

I used to take unduly long to take any decisions in my organization. I was unaware of the revenue loss my company was facing due to my indecisiveness. I attended the Business Acumen Simulation Program of Sea Ridges. Now I take decisions much faster and much smarter too

Vivek R – CEO Markitome


Most of my managers used to take decisions which were mostly personality driven. Some would fear taking tough calls and others found it difficult to explain why they did what they did. After we went through the Business Acumen Simulation Program, we have sort of standardised the decision making process. The morale of my managers has definitely shot up

Abdur Rehman – CEO Netmetric Solutions

Sign up for the program now. And take one of the smartest decisions that impacts your organization.

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